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76 years in business!

Sustainable transport solutions

Welcome to Ab Högkvist Trans Oy - your reliable partner for top quality transport services. We strive to fulfil our customers' needs by offering tailor-made solutions for each project. By prioritising open communication and outstanding service, our dedicated team is ready to deliver the professional transport services you need.

Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your needs!


Over 75 years of experience in the industry

We are proud to be a family-owned company with over 75 years in the business. Our company is located in Terjärv, where we have offices, a warehouse and a combined service and washing centre.

Our fleet consists of eleven vehicle combinations and three vans, but thanks to an extensive network, we can handle even the most demanding transport assignments. Our company was honoured with the municipality's entrepreneurial prize in 2003.


Thanks to long experience, we deliver top quality transport services!

With our extensive network, we can take on the most challenging transport needs. Our mission and main goal is to deliver fast, efficient and high quality transport without the need for reloading.

We are a dedicated team at Högkvist Trans who want to exceed expectations and ensure that your transport needs are met smoothly and reliably. With a strong network and years of experience, we are ready to tackle any transport challenge you face. Let us be your trusted partner to ensure efficient transport, no matter the scale.

Our focus is on ensuring that each transport mission is carried out according to your specific requirements. We are ready to handle every aspect of your transport needs and deliver a service you can definitely rely on!

We prioritise the environment and focus on our customers' requirements!

By maintaining a modern and efficient fleet of vehicles and minimising unnecessary transport, we actively seek to protect the environment. Our staff team has undergone specialised courses in economical driving to ensure more environmentally friendly transport. In addition, any hazardous waste is handled by the local waste management company Ekorosk Ltd.

We are committed to integrating environmental considerations into our operations and endeavour to be part of the solution by reducing our impact on the environment. With our focus on both efficient transport and environmentally friendly practices, you can rely on us to deliver sustainable and reliable transport solutions.


Our history goes back to 1947

Ab Högkvist Trans Oy is a long-standing family business with over 75 years of experience in the transport industry. Our history goes back to 1947 when the company was founded by Hilding Högkvist, John Högkvist and Erling Sundqvist.

1950s to 1970s

In the 1950s, we faced challenges with a limited fleet of vehicles and a poor road network. We transported everything from timber, gravel and freight to taxi rides to various events. In the late 1970s, our fleet expanded to include two lorries.


In 1983 our business was further developed and led to the formation of the company Transport Högkvist & Co. It was later in 1998 that Ab Högkvist Trans Oy saw the light of day.


Today we are proud to have about 15 dedicated employees and a fleet of eight vehicle combinations and two vans. We have continued to grow and develop over the years to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Our history is a story of dedication to the industry and a quest to provide reliable and efficient transport solutions.



The first car was an American GMC



Volvo F12 from 1983 performing house transport.



The picture is taken from the first transport to Helsinki.



Vanaja from 1956 performing timber transport

Other services

We offer favourable storage solutions for your business

Our storage facilities are conveniently located next to our office and service centre in Terjärv. We handle both warehousing and distribution to ensure smooth logistics solutions for our customers.

With a warehouse space of approximately 1,200 m2 (42 m x 28 m) and an internal height of around 5.5 metres (with a volume of 6,500 m3), our service is primarily designed for local businesses and is suitable for both incoming and outgoing goods. Our storage service is customised to meet your storage needs in an efficient way.

Please note that our warehouses are not heated and thus not suitable for particularly temperature-sensitive goods. We are ready to offer you comfortable and reliable storage solutions to suit your business needs.

The warehouse is about 1200 m2 (42 m x 28 m)
Inner height of about 5.5 m with a volume of 6500m3

Contact us

Peter Högkvist

Sales and Transport Planning
Phone: +358 400 68 21 37

Toni Kero

Phone: +358 40 152 35 75

Kim Widjeskog

Transport Planning
Phone: 0400 663824


Ab Högkvist-Transport Oy

E-invoicing address: 003714690620


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Ab Högkvist-Trans Oy 

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Vehicle fleet

Our vehicles are customised to meet our customers' specific requirements

We offer a modern and flexible fleet of vehicles that covers various transport needs within the country's borders. Our investment in modern vehicles with a focus on safety and the environment enables high transport quality and reliable deliveries.

We have specialised car and trailer combinations that meet current length regulations, and some of our vehicles are tailor-made to meet our customers' specific requirements. Many vehicles are equipped with opening sides and roofs to make loading and unloading easier and more efficient. In addition, we offer smaller vehicles for fast and smooth transport.

With our diverse fleet of vehicles, we can ensure that we meet your unique transport needs in an efficient and reliable manner. We are dedicated to offering you a transport solution of the highest possible quality that is customised to your wishes and needs.


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